X+1: An Update to Espresso Upgrades

No more semi-arbitrary distinction between minor and major updates.

Alongside the new Espresso we’re introducing a new approach to update versioning and licensing, nicknamed “X+1”. On the software side, the naming distinction between small and large updates will disappear. After v3, the next update —however minor— will be v4, and so on. For licenses, the “paid upgrade point” will now be based on your date of purchase instead of relying on the arbitrary definition of a “major” version.

The main drive behind this move was the desire to decouple the frequency and size of updates from upgrade revenue concerns. Espresso v3 snowballed into a gigantic rewrite and redesign, albeit an awesome one, partly because the traditional system favors mega-releases to get people interested. We think you, our users, would be better served with smaller but more frequent updates. From our perspective, it’s been lovely iterating during the beta stage, and we’d like to keep on going this way.

Aside from becoming date-of-purchase-based, Espresso licenses remain the same. You can still use the last version within your license period indefinitely (even if you don’t renew), on all your personal Macs. We’re in good company alongside apps like Framer and Sketch, and hope you’ll like the effects of the change.

Written on 30 March, 2017