Privacy Policy

In short, Espresso is a desktop application that runs locally on your computer with no "cloud" features. All of your data stays on your machine (and any servers you connect to), and we collect only the smallest amount of personal information that we need to do our job. The sections below outline in greater detail how Espresso works and aim to explain what information is collected, and how it is used.


The Espresso store is operated by Paddle, who have their own, separate privacy policy.

When you make a purchase, Paddle shares with us your email address, country and purchase specifics (but no details like credit card numbers). From that, we store your email so that we can send you your activation number. The only other time we would contact you via this address is if there is an important change to this privacy policy or to our license agreement.

During checkout, you can also specify if you'd like to receive announcements and news from us. If you indicate that you would, we add your email address to our mailing list (see next).

Mailing List

We operate our own, low volume newsletter that is limited to important updates and news about Espresso. It only goes out a couple times per year (at most). You can sign up on our web site, during checkout, or in the welcome screen of Espresso. You can also unsubscribe anytime via the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the emails we send.


When you unlock Espresso, an encrypted connection is made to our servers. The server verifies whether the activation number is valid, and replies with a digitally signed confirmation if so. No personal or identifying information is exchanged during this process.

Crash Reporting

If Espresso crashes or encounters an error while you're using it, anonymized data will be collected into a report that will help identify the cause of the problem. Said report will then be presented to you and will only be sent to us if you choose. These reports contain information about the state of the app, operating system, and computer at the time of the crash or error, but no private data or information. We use the Plausible CrashReporter framework for this reporting.

Update Checking

Espresso will periodically check to see if a newer version of the app is available, and give you the choice to update if there is. Update checking is provided by the Sparkle framework.

Our Website

We don't use analytics or cookies (other than those set by Paddle, which are required for checkout) on our website.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact

Updated October 24, 2022